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Questions and answers from our experts

  • What is considered funk music?

    Funk music is dance music that mixes rhythm and blues music with soul music.
    Funk bands use many rhythm instruments, such as electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard instruments, mainly synthesizers and electronic organs.

  • What is the funkiest song ever?

    I Like Your Style by Tower of Power.
    Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker) by George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic.
    Groove Tonight by Earth, Wind and Fire.
    Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking by Rickie Lee Jones.
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  • What is an example of funk music?

  • How do you define funk?

    1 : music that combines elements of rhythm and blues and soul music and that is characterized by a percussive vocal style, static harmonies, and a strong bass line with heavy downbeats.
    2 : the quality or state of being funky jeans …